Teaching positions are detailed below.  Click here to view my Teaching Philosophy.  Workshops and training can be found on my Education & Awards page.

Instructor (2018-present) Beal College, Bangor, Maine

  • SC101: Intro to Sociology (SC101 Mod2 Gee)
  • CS103: Intro to Computer Systems
  • HY101: Government
  • HY103: U.S. History, 1865-present (HY103 Syll Mod4)

Instructor (Fall 2013 to Spring 2016) Unity College, Unity, Maine, Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities.

  • IC2223: Environmental Issues and Insights
  • SY1013: Introduction to Sociology
  • HU2003: U.S. History, 1865-present
  • PL2075: World Politics
  • HU3003: Global Environmental History
  • HU2003: American Environmental History

Instructor (Spring 2013) Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor, Maine.

  • SOC 106: Introduction to Sociology

Lecturer (Spring 2010) University of Maine, Orono, Maine, History Department.

  • HTY 104:U.S.History II, 1865-present

Instructor (Fall 2009-present) University of Maine, Orono, Maine, Interdisciplinary Maine Studies Program

  • MES 101:  Introduction to Maine Studies (5 sections—online)
  • MES 201: The Maine Coast (hybrid)

Instructor (Fall 2009) Beal College, Bangor, Maine, General Studies

  • HY101:  American Government

Instructor (Fall 2002-Spring 2004) Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire, History Department (12 Courses)

  • HIS 113:  U.S. History I, 1607-1865 (4 sections)
  • HIS 114: U.S. History II, 1865-present (4 sections)
  • HIS 218: U.S. Diplomatic History, 1900-present
  • HIS 245:  Modern U.S. History, 1945-present
  • HIS 332:  Colonial New England
  • HIS 460:  Senior Colloquium, Environmental History and Policy

Instructor (Summer-Fall 2003) Hesser College, Manchester, New Hampshire, Liberal Studies Department (3 Courses)

  • ENG 102:  English Composition II (2 sections)
  • HUM 110:  Introduction to Humanities

Teaching Assistant (Fall 2007-Spring 2008) University of Maine, Orono, Maine, History Department

  • HTY 106:  European Civilization II
  • HTY 104: U.S. History II.


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